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Digital Marketing- and CRM-specialist @ IMPACT A/S

As a Digital Marketing- and CRM-Specialist at IMPACT, I’ve gained experience within both Revenue Operations, Marketing Operations and Sales Operations.

One of my main responsibilities has been to manage our marketing tech stack, including our CRM (HubSpot), ensuring that data flows smoothly between systems and processes are as automated and optimized as possible.

A part of my job is to analyze sales- and marketing data using a combination of different tools, as well as creating reports and dashboards that are valuable for sales- and marketing. So I’m quite confident working with sales- and marketing data.

Overall, I believe my experience from this position, gives me a great starting point for the position as Sr. Revenue Operations Technology Specialist at Zapier.

"In addition to a good ability to understand and apply data, I would also highlight Emil's attitude and flexibility. He has an exceptional 'can do' attitude and tackles any task - even if it is not in his job description. He is naturally curious and often takes the initiative to find new and better solutions."

Marketing Manager @ Helphouse ApS

At Helphouse, I was overall responsible for marketing, including MarTech, CRM, and digital activities.

I was responsible for maintaining and developing CRM/MA and ensuring data synchronization between systems.

One of the first projects was to implement HubSpot where I successfully migrated from Pipedrive (CRM) and AutopilotHQ (MA) to HubSpot Sales and Marketing.

Later on, when Zendesk acquired Base CRM and rebranded it as Zendesk Sell, it was decided that we should implement Zendesk Sell as CRM, since Helphouse is a Zendesk consultancy house.

I was then responsible for the migration from HubSpot to Zendesk Sell as CRM and Active Campaign as Marketing Automation system.

"Emil is highly analytical in nature with a proud sense of professional accomplishment. He have a knack for working with teams across departments and consistently showed a strong ability to execute."

Customer Support & Marketing @ Kviknet.dk ApS

At Kviknet.dk my role was splitted into two. I worked with Customer Support and Marketing.

At that time, the customer support department was 8 agents and used Zendesk to handle tickets.

I completely revamped the way Zendesk was used and was the architect of a new and more streamlined way to handle tickets internally, resulting in a better overview of tickets and reduction of both amount of tickets, but also the time it took to handle a ticket.

Besides that, I was project managing big marketing initiatives, including making a national TV-commercial that was aired in TV2 in Denmark.

"One of Emil's best qualities is his ability to familiarize himself with new systems and processes, and his constant desire to optimize where possible."

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Hope you had a good impression of me and that you’ll invite me in for an interview. 

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☎️ +45 8171 4603
📩 emil@emiljepsen.dk